Moving on up: suburb edition

I recently moved out of the city and into the suburbs. It wasn’t an easy decision, but as a popular NYC Mayoral candidate once said, “the rents are too da** high.”

However, moving to the suburbs means I get to explore more, every day. I really don’t know where I am at every given time, and have to rely on my phone’s GPS at every turn. I’ve even downloaded the Waze app. How times have changed from the days of reading maps in the car to try to get around.

The sunsets are amazing, as I’m still close to the Puget Sound and can see the water and the Olympics again.


I used my “Saturday” to explore nearby towns — choosing Edmonds. I’ve only been there to catch a ferry, misguidedly thinking I had seen the entire city.


Nestled a few streets away are dozens of shops and restaurants, centered around a difficult-at-first to navigate traffic circle with a neat fountain in the center.

Silly me, having already eaten, I had no choice but to walk the streets aimlessly, wandering in and out of a few nautical themed trinket stores while trying not to look too strange, snapping pictures at the amazing murals on what seems like every other block.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t spend too much time admittedly, having stopped at the Canarino Gelato Caffe for kiwi and pear gelato (delicious!) and an iced Americano at Walnut Street Coffee, I needed a nap.


I’ll be back to explore more, as this was just putting my foot in the water of a neighboring city, to see what’s out there.

(psst– the Edmonds Museum has postcards!)






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