Tourist for a day

I’m moving out of Seattle soon, and while I won’t be all that far away, I figured I should do some touristy things.

Like an Argosy cruise. Because why not — it was a hot Wednesday, prime for a nice day on a boat! I chose to do the one hour Harbor cruise. Next time, I think I’ll choose the 2.5hr Locks.

Our vessel was the Goodtime II. III was getting prepped

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the tour, but as I resident, I’m not sure I learned too much about the city (at least that I remember), and portions felt like an ad for the companies at the piers along the bay.

However, we saw a California sea lion sleeping near a barge and I got the closest I’ve ever gotten to the Port of Seattle, which is super cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since it was national chocolate ice cream day, I knew I had to get ice cream. While chocolate isn’t my favorite flavor (I prefer unusual flavors, mostly with a vanilla base),¬† I had to celebrate. I wanted to try a new store, though I do love Molly Moon’s and Full Tilt, I need to expand my ice cream knowledge. The one I googled, wanting to visit was closed, so I chose Frankie and Jo’s on Capitol Hill.

I got there by the streetcar, because I don’t like to drive downtown (I’m going to have to get used to that soon), and it was fairly easy, though there are metro closures due to construction near Pioneer Square.

Frankie and Jo’s is plant-based ice cream. It’s delicious and you wouldn’t know it’s vegan. While I went to celebrate the national holiday, I did not get chocolate ice cream. I got their famous salty caramel ash ice cream and it was worth it. I knew it was going to be good when there was a line to enter, but I didn’t expect the amount of interesting flavors (my favorite); I’ll be back!


I walked around Capitol Hill, debating how to get back home since I was low on funds on my ORCA pass. After contemplating just how many  restaurants there are in this city, I found myself at Cal Anderson Park, which is tantalizingly close to the Mystery Soda Machine.

Two years of random wanders to the site, putting money into the machine yielded no results. I decided to try again, and voila! A soda! I felt like I won the sugary-sweet lottery with a wild cherry Pepsi. For those, like me, who have tried before– the price went up to $1.

I decided to walk/bus home, so I took the walk down Pine to Westlake Plaza, picking up a water to get cash for the bus ride home.

Turns out, I got a sunburn.

In Seattle.

In June.



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