Discovering Downtown Snohomish

I’ve been traveling on the main road in Snohomish every week for a year now but never ventured off.

Today, I stayed at the barn a little late, so I decided to eat lunch locally. I turned left off the main road and in one block, I found historic downtown Snohomish. You’d never know that beyond the modern-day businesses along 2nd street, the streets are lined with brick, two story buildings filled with cafes, bakeries and unique antique shops.

After walking up and down 1st street, I settled at eating at the 1st & Union kitchen, next to the Snohomish Bakery. The food was delicious!

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I ate a big lunch, so I wasn’t able to eat ice cream at the creamery or the pies at Snohomish Pie.

Guess I’ll have to come back!

Also found a nice river trail along the Snohomish, with some great views of former railroad bridges.

Like to shop for antiques? Like to eat? Take a trip to Snohomish — it’s just under an hour away from Seattle!

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