Bow-Edison: recharging in the country

I wanted to go to Bow-Edison for the bread.

No, I’m not Oprah. I don’t love bread. I like it, but don’t love it.

But Breadfarm in Bow-Edison loves bread. And they’re VERY good at it. So good at it that I’ve seen several articles recently (with pictures of delicious-looking loaves) and decided this would be my next adventure.


I drove the one-and-a-half hours there and got there a little earlier than expected, so I drove through the small town of Edison, past Breadfarm, saw a sign for a state park, and veered in that direction.

I stopped for views (unfortunately marred by construction of a shoreline revitalization project) at Bay View State Park, where there’s not only RV camping, but several cabins for rent. Once construction is finished, the campground would likely be a very quiet, relaxing place to stay.

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I passed the Padilla Bay Reserve, but noticed the sign a little too late. I almost went back because I saw ‘aquarium’ on the sign, and I never like to pass up an opportunity to perhaps see an otter. However, once I’m on an adventure I rarely double-back, so instead, I pressed forward, making a rectangle on my Google-map trip back to Breadfarm [yes, I realize the irony].

Edison is a fantastic small town, with creative shop names. It’s worth the trip just for the storefronts, but I do recommend going on the weekend when most of the shops are open. I wasn’t able to do some holiday shopping at cute stores because they were closed.

But let’s go back to why I traveled so far for bread: Breadfarm. When you walk in, the warmth and smell draws you closer to the counter. The woman on the other side of the counter was extremely helpful. It turns out I was ignorant: I thought the shop also made sandwiches, but they don’t. After I inquired, she very helpfully pointed to several restaurants in the area I could try. Disappointed but not deterred, I ordered the special of the day, the fig brioche, a cornbread-blueberry cookie and a double chocolate cookie. I intended to save them for the drive home, but I didn’t want to wait: the cookies were calling my name. They were so delicious, especially the cornbread-blueberry cookie! Who would think of coming up with that combination, I contemplated on my walk through town, alternating bites with pictures. I almost wish I had purchased more! And the fig brioche, which I ate later: soft, fluffy, with a hint of anise and of course, lots of figs. Simply delicious! With bread that fresh, I only wanted to know: would the store fit in my car?

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After a walk of the several restaurants in town (there are four, I believe), I settled on ‘Slough Food,’ because I loved the play on words. The cafe looks like what I think a mercantile/cafe would look like in the late 1800s. While the menu is simple, the food is not: delicious and crafted with care, I was impressed not just by the quality, but by the views.

While I ate, I realized how close I was to Chuckanut Drive, one of the most scenic drives in Western Washington. I’ve never been on it, and had about an hour before I had to turn around, so I said ‘why not?!’

Gorgeous. The sandstone, the fall leaves, the views of the bay, I can’t believe no one drives off the cliff trying to take a peek! Yes, there are lots of turn-outs for those who just can’t wait to snap a picture.

My goal was to make it to Larrabee State Park, in between Edison and Bellingham. I chose to explore the beach area and was surprised to find a giant ampitheatre, not something you traditionally see at a state park. Under the railroad bridge I went, on a path towards a beach. Great for exploring, the beach trail branches off in many different directions leading to great viewpoints. About 10 minutes after I found the perfect relaxation/recharging spot on a sandstone cliff, I noticed the time and sadly had to turn around, pulling myself away from the calming sounds of waves crashing against sandstone.

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Disappointed, I made sure to stop at a couple of the turn-off points just so I could get another glimpse (or two) of the bay.

If you love oysters, northern Skagit County is for you: Taylor Shellfish’s retail location is along Chuckanut Drive, and Slough Food has an Oyster Party on October 16th!

It was a perfect day to travel to the country, to recharge and relax. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t stay longer….but I’m certain I’ll be back. I’m a country girl at heart, after all.

PS-There are no postcards in Edison…or at least at the stores that were open today. And no ice cream shop, but Tweets is the ‘sweet shop,’ and was just opening as I was leaving…so they might have some!





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