Luke’s Diner: the best coffee around

No, I didn’t go to Stars Hollow (either in Connecticut or the studios in L.A.), but I was fortunate to have the day off so I could visit one of Luke’s Diners’ “franchises” in Seattle (a.k.a. ‘pop ups’).

Netflix is celebrating 16 years of Gilmore Girls and promoting the new series, “Gilmore Girls: A year in the life” by setting up Luke’s Diners at cafes all across the country from 7a – noon, and giving away free coffee to the first 250 customers.

There are three locations in Seattle and after much debate, I settled on the Luke’s at Stone Way Cafe in Fremont, which is the (relatively) closer location to me. I got there at 6:50a and the line was already around the block!

Confused passers-by were wondering why there was such a long line, and we certainly got quite a few stares.

To my surprise, there were quite a few college students in the line: I’m not sure if they started watching the series when it debuted, or via Netflix. I learned that not only is the man bun popular, but so is a similar version on women (women: please don’t imitate this trend. It’s not pretty).

I’m also convinced the selfie has caused lines to become about 30% longer, since I saw multiple people go not once, but twice, and sometimes three times for the same photo with the Luke’s sign. Crazy!

So, I arrived at 6:50a and got my coffee at 8:30a. Long wait for a picture with a Luke’s sign, but the coffee was good and you can bet I’m saving the paper cup! Well, for a little bit, at least.


I’ve seen pictures from across the country of ‘no cell phone’ signs and even Luke cut-outs! Stone Way Cafe had their workers wear a black baseball ‘Luke’s’ cap and a Luke’s apron, but that was it…

What did YOUR Luke’s look like?



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