A trip to Teneriffe

I’ve been sleeping in a lot on Mondays, limiting my exploration time. However, since it’s getting close to the rainy season, I wouldn’t let my late start get in the way of enjoying what could be one of the last good ‘weekend’ days of the year!

I wanted to go to Snow Lake, but with the drive, the length of the hike and the time I woke up, I knew it wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks to the Washington Trails Association website (best trail website around!), I found a comparable hike just 45 minutes away: Teneriffe Falls. Waterfall hikes are my favorite, so I can never say no!

I wrote directions down incorrectly, which isn’t unusual for me, setting me back an extra 30 minutes. I waved ‘hello’ to Little and Mount Si trailheads (still haven’t been up Mount Si!), just a stone’s throw away from the trailhead.

The trailhead is difficult for parking, so for the first 20 minutes of my journey, all I could do was hope my car wouldn’t get towed since it was barely in the school bus turnaround/towing zone!

The trail starts out flat and leisurely, like walking in a park. So surprised was I, since I’d read about the numerous switchbacks, I’d wondered if I was on the correct trail!

That soon changed as the terrain got rockier, and I thought I was back on Mount Pilchuck! The views are stunning, and I even got a glimpse of the top of Mount Rainier!

Since there were few visitors, I was able to stumble upon a couple of women coming down the mountain, who told me that while I was close, there was no water in the falls, just a trickle! I was so tempted to turn around, but decided to carry on until I hit the time limit for myself I had set earlier (I gave myself a goal of 1.5 hours up).

Glad I did, despite the lack of water. It was a great workout, and a good mix of rock walking and trail walking.

While I probably won’t go back that often, I hope to go back sometime when the ‘faucet’ on the falls is on!

I’m still not quite sure why it was originally called Kamikaze falls, so if anyone knows, please share!

The hike is approx. 6 miles roundtrip and 1420 ft. in elevation gain. It does require a Discover Pass (not available at the trail). More info at: WTA.






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