Hidden in plain sight: Seattle’s Chinese Garden

(this is a delayed post; I actually visited last week, hence the lack of detail)

There are a lot of beautiful places hidden in plain sight all across Seattle, but this one is on the map: Seattle’s Chinese Garden.

You may have heard about or visited the Kubota Garden, or the Japanese garden hidden in the park along Lake Washington Blvd, and didn’t know that there’s a Chinese counterpart.

Nestled in the corner of South Seattle College and the college’s arboretum, the Chinese garden is small, but beautiful. The pavilion was closed to visitors when I arrived, but I was able to peek inside.

Take a walk through the gardens:

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Before leaving West Seattle, I also stopped at a couple parks (one city-owned, the other Port of Seattle) along W. Marginal Way SW to get a few of the Duwamish River. No three headed ducks, but it did look a little sad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then a drive through South Park before heading home! No pictures of South Park, as I couldn’t find easy parking due to construction, but the ‘new’ bridge is really cool — especially the walking path underneath!







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