Confluence of two rivers: Carnation

I took a VERY short trip this ‘weekend’ to Carnation, lasting not even three hours. But hey, sitting in the sun is hot.

As usual, I thought I was going to drive someplace, so I didn’t bring my backpack. Wrong move. While driving, I decided to take a left onto I-90 instead of going south on I-5, and changed by destination to the Tolt-MacDonald Park in Carnation. Why? Because I saw a segment on “New Day Northwest” about the top 10 parks to visit this summer, and I had been to most, but not this one. Plus, it had a suspension bridge. How cool is that? [Full disclosure: I work for the company that produces ‘New Day.’]

So, on I went to Carnation. I’ve always been very close, but never traveled into the town. At the park, which mainly serves as a campground (you can rent a yurt for $50/day or just a simple campsite from $20+), I learned a little bit about the history of the area, Carnation and the Tolt/Snoqualmie Rivers. Sadly, I don’t remember much.

Fortunately I didn’t have to walk far to see the suspension bridge! It was pretty much at the entrance of the park, maybe a quarter-of-a-mile away.


After that, I explored a little bit, but as I wasn’t prepared for hikes on the hot day, I opted for staying close to the bank of the river. Plus, the bugs were annoying! Seems they were enjoying the hot weather as much as the humans!

I also waved hello to Horseshoe Lake and stopped by the Chinook Bend Wildlife area, where I walked ontop of a beaver’s den and saw this unique gem.



On the way, I noticed what seemed to be a training ground for Thoroughbred racehorses, which I though was pretty unique (complete with an in-gate), and admired Camp Korey from the road (it’s HUGE!)

Anyway, it was a great trip just to hear the rush of the water and explore (even if very briefly), the City of Carnation. So much farmland and waterways! I had a quick lunch at Sandy’s Espresso and Cafe too: they have a drive through AND a sit-in cafe, plus their sandwiches are homemade and delicious! A lot of locals seemed to pop by, as Sandy and the baristas knew everyone’s name, so you know it has to be good!

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My only problem: I couldn’t find a good ice cream place.

On my way home, I toured the community of Ames Lake and while admiring the homes in the area, I lamented on the lack of public access. From there, I went home on a route I haven’t traveled in ages, whereby my car clocked a 91 degrees outside!

Phew! A short trip for a hot day!










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